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Dayton (OH) restaurant owner shoots three, kills one who robbed him

The Associated Press 6/24/00 4:52 PM

DAYTON, Ohio (AP) -- A restaurant owner shot three men, killing one and injuring at least one other, as they fled his business after a robbery Saturday, police said.

The men entered Falb's restaurant, a mom-and-pop business on Dayton's north side, shortly before noon. They split up, sat at the counter and ordered food, said Sgt. Donald Britton.

The men eventually converged on the owner. Armed with handguns, they took him into a back room and emptied a safe, then emptied the cash register in the restaurant, Britton said.

As the suspects walked toward the exit, the owner grabbed his shotgun and fired one shot inside the restaurant, Britton said. There were 12 to 14 patrons inside at the time, he said.

All three suspects fled and the owner followed. Once outside, one of the suspects apparently turned and pointed a gun at owner, who fired several shots, Britton said.

The suspect who pointed the gun died at Grandview Hospital, Britton said. Police caught a second suspect, who was shot in the shoulder. Police were searching for the third suspect.

The names of the restaurant owner and the suspects were not released. Britton declined to say if the restaurant owner would face charges.

Police found guns, money and food in an alley near the restaurant.

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