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Horses, Asses, and Men

Horses, Asses, and Men


Clyde H. Spencer

Copyright 2000

One of the differences between horses and most men (liberals especially being excepted), is that if a barn is on fire a man will run outside. On the other hand, the horse seems to be unable to save itself if there is the least obstacle. It will become panicked and expend considerable energy running around, rearing up and complaining loudly until it is killed by the conflagration.

There is little question that the horse is aware of and emotionally involved with the fire. It is quite scared of it! However, it is unable to deal with the situation in a rational manner and operates entirely at the emotional level, to its ultimate detriment.

Were horses capable of it, like a good liberal, they would no doubt pass a law against barn fires. Now such a law might not be very effective, since the fires are usually accidents. However, the law would make a symbolic statement affirming how much fires are detested because they do so much evil. And, all horses would agree that it was a good first step and therefore a good law. No doubt they would want to follow that law with some sort of governmental watch-dog agency to prohibit the use of fire, suppress sparks, and ban oily rags.

All this, and if the horse were only capable of controlling its emotions long enough to assess the situation, find an escape route, and brave the wall of fire briefly, it could save itself as a man would do. But alas, the horse and the liberal both put feelings above reason. Unfortunately, unlike the horse, the liberal can vote.