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by Carol in Oregon

I may lurk under the bed or in a dresser drawer
up on a shelf or behind a closed door.

I could be tucked away stored out of sight
if seen by the anti's - I'm full of power and might.

I'm cold hard steel yet can get real hot
place ammo in me then I can be shot.

I can't move myself yet I collect all blame
for killing people and causing them maim.

I'm labeled as dangerous yet I am just a machine
I can't pull my own trigger - I'm neither callous nor

I can't move or fire without human hands
I'm utterly useless when given commands.

The government is trying to take me away
from law-abiding citizens who will have no say.

If only they enforced the laws already in existence
and punish the criminals who give me assistance.

Lock them up in jail for the crimes they blame on me
the law-abiding citizen would then be free.

To own and carry me for their own private reason
being it collecting, protection or legal hunting

I hate no one, I carry no grudges
If only our laws were carried out by judges.

People who fear me I believe they know
I am not the killer that the system lets go.