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The Real Cop Killers

by Leroy Pyle
Second Amendment Police Department

The goal of The Second Amendment Police Department is to provide a voice for the working Police Officers of this nation. Traditionally, the nature of the quasi-military organizations silence the officer by department regulations that require all public statements be approved, first, by the Chief's office.

There are times, however, when the safety and reputation of law enforcement is not high on the list when politics enter the picture. Now, with the resurrection of the infamous "cop-killer bullet" in the political arena, is a great example. And now is an appropriate time for the working police officer to stand up in defense of reputation and individual rights!

The politicians and political police chiefs have done more than just embarrass the law enforcement community with their gun politics. They must bear at least some of the responsibility for an increased hazard facing every beat cop. We've all heard of the "cop-killer" bullet -- the 'Teflon-coated bullet' which has never killed a cop by penetrating a Kevlar vest. But there is a lot of talk on the street, and even some strong evidence, that the "cop-killer" bullet issue has gotten some cops killed -- simply because the press and politicians loved the 'cop-killer bullet' phrase and had to show what Kevlar vests looked like, explain how they worked, and tell how they could be defeated!

Police officers across this country have all heard the true accounts by officers who told how fellow cops --personal friends -- died from head shots or shots that barely missed their vests. It certainly isn't bad luck when the triggerman says he deliberately shot to miss the vest because he figured the cop was wearing one! Why did the criminal know? Who has been promoting the issue in the press? How many cops have been shot in the face since Handgun Control Inc. (who dreamed up the phrase), got police administrators excited over armor-piercing handgun ammo that had been on the market since 1936? They told the press and the press told the public all about those "NEW" "COP- KILLER BULLETS" - and all about the personal armor that they could defeat. Speculation? Maybe, but I believe that every political figure who stood in front of a camera and advertised our protective equipment to the criminal world should do a little soul searching! Their own words may be the true "cop killer"!

And speaking of cameras, how many can relate to the police administrator who has taken the gun issue to the press, waving about so-called 'ASSAULT WEAPONS'? Is there a real policeman out there who believes there is a plastic gun? Is there a policeman who is REALLY fearful of "semi-automatic" firearms? "Saturday night specials"? Or "military style"? Is "rapid-fire" really anything more than how fast a finger can pull a trigger? And as the professional gun- owners in our society, do we really need police administrators who publicly announce the only reason for these firearms is to "kill people"?

Is it necessary to promote personal politics by claiming that "the police are LOSING the battle against crime"? Or that the police "are outgunned"? Is that the reputation that you prefer? What kind of hero would Elliott Ness have been if he hid in his office and sniveled about Al Capone's machine gun?

Police officer must stand up for their own firearms rights, and reputation, as well. Join us at and voice your opinion!