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Holding a Legislator Responsible and Accountable

This message was sent to: Rep. Edward Royce

Rep. Royce Cosponsor Status

Bill No., Bill Name

  • H.R.347 Citizens' Self-Defense Act of 1999
  • H.R.407 Second Amendment Restoration Act of 1999
  • H.R.1032 Firearms Heritage Protection Act of 1999
  • H.R.1178 Second Amendment Rights Protection Act of 1999
  • H.R.1179 Second Amendment Protection Act of 1999
  • H.R.1577 Interstate Commerce Freedom Act
  • H.R.3444 States' Rights and Second and Tenth Amendment
  • Restoration Act of 1999 H.R.4257 Law Enforcement Quality Procurement Act

Mr. Royce:

The fact is that I am far from being a "one issue" voter. However, when I see the Constitution and the inalienable rights (both enumerated and not enumerated) therein coming under systematic, prolonged, and powerful attack by persons who, after due and careful consideration I can only characterize as "closet fascists," I tend to become "focused."

I do not know all the facts and all the details of the legislation listed above, but it does distress me that you have (so far) chosen not to co-sponsor any of this legislation. Since you have indicated to me in the past that you do not favor dismantling the bill of rights, and that you do support the inalienable rights outlined therein, I am at a loss -- are all of these bills without merit?

I would urge you to re-study these bills and to see if you are able, in good conscience, to sign-on as a co-sponsor. If so, please do so.

In addition, I would like to commend to your attention the Hostetler(sp?) amendment which is scheduled to be voted up/down on Monday. It is my impression that CONGRESS is supposed to pass legislation -- the Smith & Wesson "settlement" agreement is a horse of a very dark (if not apocalyptic) color. It is taxation without representation. It is legislation without legislators. It is -- fascistic. Please support Mr. Hostetler.

Perhaps when we are able to get the Bill of Rights enforced, we will then be able to address some of the other important issues facing our polity. Until that time, my priorities shall remain focused on that Bill of Rights. Hoping you are the same.

James VanderHoef