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Introduction: George Reimann, a direct descendant of Patrick Henry, has graciously helped me with my explorations of the great orator's life. George has his own opinions about the sanctity of our freedom and liberty. He wrote the following article after a conversation he and I had about issues pertaining to the United Nations and our involvement in it. I think "Grandpa" Patrick would be very proud! -- Dr. Bill Rogers, Director, Doctors for Sensible Gun Laws

The "New" United Nations

by G. A. Reimann

Originally published on this website August 30, 2000

The United Nations has scheduled its "Millennium Assembly and Summit" at UN headquarters in New York City in early September of this year. Leaders of all 188 member nations are expected to attend (including our Bill), making this event the largest gathering of world leaders. The purpose of this assembly is to amend the UN Charter, to bring it up to date for the new millennium, by changing the original charter to the "Charter for Global Democracy." The Millennium Assembly is the culmination of numerous UN-sponsored conferences conducted around the globe in recent years, most of which were held behind closed (sometimes locked and guarded) doors. The new charter will call for massive UN restructuring and strengthening of its authority.

Some choice ideas considered for inclusion into the new charter are as follows:

  1. Remove the U.S. from its permanent seat on the UN Security Council and abolish its veto power.

  2. Create an international equivalent of the IRS to regulate and tax international commerce, financial transactions involving currency exchange, e-mail/internet use, etc.

  3. Establish a UN central bank and create a UN currency.

  4. Provide health care and a basic income for all people at the global level.

  5. Place U.S. military personnel under UN command.

  6. Create a UN standing army with authority to intervene in a nation's (American) affairs during "a crisis."

  7. Give the International Criminal Court authority to prosecute Americans without Constitutional protection.

  8. Create an International Environmental Court.

  9. Eliminate ownership of all firearms by private citizens.

Is our Executive Branch hostile to these ideas? No, it embraces them. Strobe Talbot, Deputy Secretary of State, believes "…nationhood as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority" (TIME, 7/20/92). The Socialist nations of the European Union endorse this concept.

A complication develops if the present UN Charter is revised, since the U.S. ratified this charter for the purpose of peace-keeping activities right after WWII. Revision of this charter will constitute a violation of the contract and render the ratification null and void. The new Charter for Global Democracy constitutes a treaty which the President has the power to make (no problem at present), but which must be ratified by two-thirds of the Senate (likely problem).

Other problems: A national grassroots protest is developing as the Assembly's intentions become known, including three days of protest outside UN headquarters during the Assembly. Compounding this is a House Bill (H.R. 1146) by Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) to terminate all U.S. involvement with the UN and to move the UN out of the country. If this clamor becomes too intense the Assembly attendees may become inhibited, call a recess to delay the Charter revision, and await the outcome of the upcoming election. No sense getting the cash cow colicky too soon.

Does Al Gore fit into this? You bet! Here's how: Albert Gore Sr. liked Black Angus cattle. He and Armand Hammer went into the cattle business together, thereby beginning a long and mutually profitable relationship. After Albert Sr. was defeated in his Senate re-election bid by Bill Brock in 1970, Hammer appointed Sr. to the board of Occidental Petroleum and also named him chairman of Occidental's coal subsidiary. Salary: about $500,000 per year. This seemed awkward, since Albert Sr. applied his oratorical talent to assailing corporate power, especially that of the energy-producers. But when it became time to vote, Sr. went their way. This duplicity was facilitated by the inattentive news media and Sr. developed it into an art form.

And who was Armand Hammer, you ask? He was the son of Julius Hammer, a physician who helped found the Communist Party in the USA and who was active in America's Socialist Party. Julius named his son after the arm and hammer symbol of the Socialist Labor Party. When Julius went to prison for manslaughter after performing an illegal abortion that killed the patient, the hammer was passed to Armand to serve as Julius' surrogate. He went to Russia in 1920 and learned the ropes under Lenin and Stalin, becoming the Soviet Union's first capitalist and a Soviet agent.

When Gore Sr. was put out to pasture, Hammer became interested in Gore Jr. When Joe Evins gave up Tennessee's 4th District seat in 1976, Armand and Albert Sr. joined forces to make sure Jr. replaced him. When Howard Baker decided to abandon his senate seat, "the team" made sure Jr. became a senator in 1984, positioning him for the Vice Presidency slot in 1992.

Without winking, Al Gore clamors for campaign finance reform while under investigation for 1996 fund raising irregularities; he lambasted "big tobacco" while maintaining ties to this industry; he blames "big oil" for high fuel prices after recommending sale of a federal oil reserve to Occidental, which enriched the Gore family. And he seems to be getting away with it. Sr. taught Jr. well. Sometimes home-schooling has a downside. But perhaps the greatest benefit from the Gore-Hammer relationship was the transfer of influence and access from Sr. to Jr. - similar to the transfer from Julius to Armand. Therefore, as Vice President, Al Gore became the expert on U.S.-Russian relations.

A socialist is a fascist that has not achieved sufficient power. Concealed behind Al Gore's Tennessee country boy façade is a hard-edged leftist - Washington reared, privately schooled, and Ivy League educated. Gore salivates for the chance to secure his place in history by placing the U.S. under the global authority. The Constitution be damned.

Does "...the unfairness, inequality and injustice of the present distributions of wealth, power and policy making" sound like a line from Gore's recent Convention speech? It's not. This line was lifted from the Assembly sponsors' introduction to the September conference's agenda. The fate of the UN and its Charter for Global Democracy may be determined by the results of the upcoming elections. The U.S. has already developed a de facto standing army. If this army seems more attractive wearing blue helmets and descending in white helicopters, then Al Gore with a Democratic Congress is the way to go!

"All ran toward their chains, believing that they were securing their liberty, for although they had reason enough to discern the advantages of a civil order, they did not have experience enough to foresee the dangers." ~~ J. J. Rousseau, 1754