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Does a Christian Shoot to Kill?
By William B. Rogers, M.D.

Why does a believing Christian, who attempts to follow the Master in His Grace and Forgiveness carry a gun and a combat knife and take shooting lessons? The object certainly is not to kill. The object is to deny the other guy the opportunity to kill me or my loved ones. We don't shoot to kill; we shoot to save.

Early Christians didn't kill. In fact, they let themselves be killed to spread the Word of Christ. Personally, I don't care to be a martyr just now, thank you. But it has occurred to me that one cannot be a martyr if it is not by choice. That is the difference between being a martyr and being a victim. Martyrs are not victims. They choose their way. That means, one cannot refuse to kill someone -- even if it means giving one's own life away in the process -- unless one knows how to kill the other and elects not to. The key concepts are: Choice and Freedom.

I'm not saying it would BE my choice, but because of training I at least have the option.

Do I offend a bad guy by shooting him to stop him from killing or maiming again? On the contrary, I do him a favor. I prevent his further descent into malevolence.

William B. Rogers, MD
Tyler, TX