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Dale Todd Speaks Out


Don Lee
Colorado State Legislator
District 28 (Columbine)

As my State Legislator I know you have been under a lot of attacks lately for your principles and stand against "reasonable gun control." I have good news to share with you today...

83,000,000 (Million) American Gun Owners lived peaceably today, without committing a crime. They were also secure in their homes.....

Thank you for standing on your principles, the same principles that have made America great. I find it ironic (and sad) that our State Legislature as well as our United States Legislature fulfilled the two killers' prophecy about them: by thinking it was the guns... "bad Arlene, bad gun, no, no...bad gun!" When the "Time Magazine Tapes" come out, America is in for a sickening surprise about itself.

Dale Todd
Father of a Columbine Victim
Littleton, Colorado

[Note: "Arlene" was the killers' nickname for one of their guns.]