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Man Shot in Sword Attack at Crystal River Pawn Dies of Wound


CRYSTAL RIVER, Fla. (AP) - A man who attacked a pawn shop owner with a samurai sword during an argument died from a gunshot he received during the confrontation.

Kevin Fitzsimmons, 25, of Lecanto, died at St. Joseph's Hospital Wednesday, a day after he being shot in the head at A-1 Pawn and Jewelry.

Owner Dave Phillips, 49, of Crystal River was in fair condition Thursday at St. Joseph's Hospital with a stab wound in the chest.

According to Police Sgt. Mike Klyap, Fitzsimmons went to the store to pick up a handgun he bought last week. Phillips told police that Fitzsimmons was acting strangely and he didn't want to give him the gun, Klyap said Wednesday.

Fitzsimmons got angry, told Phillips he was a "ninja," and walked outside to his car. He returned swinging a samurai sword, Klyap said.

Fitzsimmons stabbed Phillips, who retreated to a back room and shot Fitzsimmons when he followed, Klyap said.

Police found a ninja outfit in Fitzsimmons' car.

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