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by Sean Oberle

Oct. 1 – Oct. 9, 2000

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** New group forms Oct. 3: Americans for Gun Safety. This is the organization using John McCain in ads supporting Colorado and Oregon “gun show loophole” measures:

** Texans Against Gun Violence changes its name to Texans for Gun Safety, joining start-up group, Americans for Gun Safety

** California Attorney General releases “2000 Assault Weapons Identification Guide” including guns covered by recent additions to AW ban in that state. Get PDF version at

** Million Mom March chides Commission on Presidential Debates for there being no questions about gun control in recent debates. Group also announces get out the vote efforts for 13 U.S. House districts: Florida 22nd, New Hampshire 2nd, Connecticut 5th, New Jersey 7th and 12th, Kentucky 3rd and 6th, Pennsylvania 13th, Ohio 12th, Illinois 10th, Utah 2nd, California 27th and Washington 2nd

** Million Mom March home page, in observance of domestic violence awareness month, tells visitors that “The gun industry markets guns to women, claiming that owning a gun is a feminist act and a means of self-defense. The fact is keeping a gun in the home does not increase the chance that any woman can defend herself, or ensure that an abused woman can protect herself from her batterer.”

** Children Defense Fund releases report “Protect Children Not Guns 2000" calling for registration and licensing of all firearms, mandatory safe storage and trigger lock *use*, application of consumer safety laws to guns, national one gun a month limit.

** American Bar Association, in essay supporting Oct. 2 “First Monday” events, writes that the gun lobby “offer(s) no solutions to prevent first-time gun violence by teens, by intimates, or to accidents in the home, or - a huge problem - handgun suicides.” ABA asserts that the gun lobby, “maintains that ‘tough enforcement’ - prosecution after crimes are committed - is the only action needed” ABA’s proposed solutions: “Like any other product sold to consumers, guns should be regulated to protect the consuming public from unreasonable risks of harm. Handgun owners should be required to undergo a thorough background check and safety training and to carry liability insurance before obtaining a license. All guns should be registered.”

** Coalition to Stop Gun Violence tells visitors that November 5, 2000 Walk to Stop Handgun Violence in Boston will raise money for Million Mom March However, the walk’s web site says it will raise money for Pax USA

** Pax USA will be a monetary beneficiary of the Voodoo Music Festival Oct. 28, 2000 in New Orleans

** Handgun Control Inc touts 3 news events: LA Times Article on Texas CCW holders (10/3), suit by widow of slain teacher Barry Grundow against firearm distributor and dealer (10/4) and John McCain lending voice in support of Oregon and Colorado gun control measure (10/5)

** Web page of Violence Policy Center, which was a victim of a hacker attack last summer, was inaccessible on Columbus Day

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