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Northside man arrested in incident on Rankin Drive

(Florida armed citizens quell mad driver)

By Dan Scanlan
Staff writer

A 28-year-old Northside man was arrested Sunday on two charges of aggravated battery after police said he rammed two people with his car in the 1800 block of Rankin Drive, then was shot at by a neighbor until he drove away.

Police said a woman was dumping leaves over a fence at 4:30 p.m. when a car accelerated at her and pinned her to the fence. The 33-year-old woman said she pounded on the window and the driver fled, only to hit a 55-year-old man a few doors away, pinning him against a house and breaking his leg, then hitting him again.

The woman ran inside and told her father, who came outside with a handgun looking for the driver and saw his 55-year-old neighbor crawling on his grass pleading for help, then saw the driver walking toward him and another neighbor, who also armed himself.

When the driver refused to stop, police said, a warning shot was fired into the ground, at which time he jumped into his car and headed for the father, who fired more shots into the man's front and rear tires before the man fled.

Police said they found the man in the 5100 block of Martha Ann Drive and arrested him.

[Let's just be glad the neighbors didn't have to search for a key to unLOCK their guns!! There is no telling how this would have gone had armed citizens not stopped this madman.]

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