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Epitaphs for Criminals

by Patriot James



Here lies a waste of human flesh,
We're all real glad he's gone.
He hurt our mothers and sisters
And daughters, every last one.

He claimed to have raped 100.
He knew their names so well.
But the last lady packed a revolver
So now he rots in Hell.


Beneath this Earth lies a villain
Who murdered a woman old.
We don't understand what pushed him
Or what made his blood run cold.

But we do know they caught him red-handed,
And on top of that he confessed.
And described in detail how he put her through hell
And etched one more mark on his chest.

The state held him long as their captive
And taxpayers fed him each day.
For twelve long years we all waited
To send this vile thug on his way.

They walked him down the hallway,
And onto the platform he filed.
And I sat there eagerly waiting,
For he'd also killed my first child.

When offered a chance to speak his last words
All he had to say was "goodbye".
And as he hung there lifeless,
Not a witness among us could cry.


Here rots a guy we don't miss.
It was pleasing to watch him go.
His votes made crime so easy.
He acted like he didn't know.

He broke his oath to our Freedom.
He broke it again and again.
He lied and he cheated The People.
And did all that he could - to win.

They warned this legislator
That he'd one day go too far.
He had many chances to stop,
To avoid the feather and tar.

Then he got on the TV and told us,
That our wives must submit to rape,
And that no man be allowed to defend his own life,
And we caught it all on tape.

Sadly they withheld the pictures,
But we had a National gloat.
His darkness became just too much to bear,
And somebody slit his damn throat.