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Being a good citizen

by Judge Blackhawk

Early in the morning, the young boy runs to his Father with sparkles in his eyes, "Daddy, tomorrow is my thirteenth birthday, can you believe I am finally gonna be a teenager?"

"No son, I remember when you were born, I was so proud to show you off to my friends, and now you are becoming a fine young man." the father said as tears of pride and joy filled his eyes.

"Daddy, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure Son, anything"

"What's a gun?"

"Hang on, now you know we are not allowed to talk about that, it's against the law."

"I heard you and Mom talking, and she asked you if it was safe to keep the guns in the house."

"Son, you're old enough to know that even talking about guns can get us in a heap of trouble with the government. But you have to know, that once in this country, men and women could own guns and could hunt and shoot without fear."

"What's hunt?"

"That is when you go out into the country and stalk a wild animal and then shoot it for the sport and the meat."

"Sport", his Son replied with a frown on his face. "That is so disgusting, how could you have enjoyed that?"

"Son, it was a different time, a free, more open time, when people were not afraid of their government and were not afraid that the government was listening to everything they said in private."

"I like it now, because we don't have to worry about anything, the president supplies us with it all. He knows just what we need and he provides it. I am sure glad he is in Washington. He is our best friend, don't you think, Daddy?"

"Son, I am not at liberty to say what is in my heart, because if I said it, then you and I could be in real trouble. I will say this though: I am glad that we have a president for life, that way we have a stable government. But that is what I am supposed to say, do you understand, son?"

"Yes, sir, but where do you keep the guns?"

"Son, I don't have any guns. It is against the law and against the executive orders of the president to have guns."

"I know, I know, but you and Mom were talking about them, come Dad, tell me. Can you show me one? I have never even seen a picture of a gun. Please."

"Okay, son, but you must promise not to tell even your best friend Sammy okay."

"I promise I won't tell Sammy."

"Okay, son, let's go."

And into the garage the father and son went. As the Father carefully moved the water heater out of the way, he pried open a small door in the wall. He entered it and pulled out a small revolver that was shiny as a new nickel.

"Here Son, this was your Dad's first handgun. My Father gave it to me, on my thirteenth birthday, and I have kept it ever since. It is a Ruger Single Six. I lost the extra cylinder in the patriotic pacification and collection. But I was able to keep this one."

"It must be really powerful, huh."

"Not really, but it was sure fun to shoot. I have lots of fond memories of that little gun."

The Father carefully took the handgun back from his son, and lovingly wrapped it in an old tattered American Flag, the Father thought to himself, how funny, that just having one or the other of these two objects could get him thrown in prison for life. How once, both were a symbol of freedom and liberty, and now, they were illegal to own or display. He closed the small closet and moved the water heater back in place.

That night over dinner, while the family said thanks to God for the many blessings that He had given them, the front door shattered and men dressed in black with yellow letters on their jackets proclaiming, "FPTF!" The Federal Patriotic Task Force made their way into the home.

"Where are the guns?!" the faceless man screamed at the Father as he pointed a government fully-automatic submachine gun into the Father's face.

"I don't know...." but he was caught in the face by another FPTF agent welding a large black baton.

"Don't lie to me, where are the guns, you have five seconds to comply or I will use deadly force!" he said, as he barked out another order, "Cuff him and the lady."

Both the mother and father were slammed on the ground and their hands and feet bound with steel cuffs.

"Now, one more time, where are the guns?, or you will both be going to jail.

The mother looked at the father and her eyes begged him not to tell. She ever so slightly shook her head "no" as one of the agents buried the butt of his rifle in the small of her back.

"They are behind the water heater, now let her go!"

"Get, now" said the leader as he walked up to the young boy standing in the middle of the living room.

"You have done your country and your president proud, today. I know your actions were not easy, but when you are older you will know that your did the right thing."

"I am just trying to be a good citizen. Thank you, sir. Tell the president I am very grateful for everything he has given me."

In the garage, the agents tore open the wall behind the water heater and located a small amount of guns and ammunition.

"Look at this", one of the agents said as he held up a small rifle, "Looks like we have an assault weapon. Says it's a Ruger 10-22. This will make it a life sentence."

"What's that tag on it?" another agent said.

The agent holding the little .22 rifle, grinned inside his helmet as he read aloud.

"To the Best Son in the world, Happy Birthday love Dad"