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Michael Z. Williamson's Bio

          I was born in Birkenhead, England in 1967.  Raised there, and in Canada, then in the US midwest, I have an appreciation for various cultures and an understanding of different mindsets.

          I am a veteran of the US Air Force and US Army, and hold expert marksman ratings from both.  I am a competitive shooter in combat pistol, combat rifle, smallbore pistol, and archery, with several awards.  I skydive, study kung fu, and am actively involved in the Libertarian Party of Indiana.  I write articles for several defense rights websites, as well as theological, mythological, political and military the Journal of Unusual Learning and Esoteric Studies.  I have sold some fiction, and am currently working on a military SF novel.

          I am formally trained as an electronic and control technician, electrican, HVAC mechanic, and air base combat engineer.  I have also studied medieval history, blacksmithing, metallurgy, and the history of arms development.

          I currently reside in Indianapolis with my wife of 10 years Gail, and our daughter Morrigan.  We own Cloak & Dagger, a cutlery company dealing in all manner of edged weapons and police and martial arts supplies, historical costumes and armor.  We can be found at medieval, English Civil War and US Civil War re-enactments, science fiction conventions, and in Greenwood Park Mall just south of Indianapolis.


Michael Z. Williamson