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Homeowner kills intruder
Ex-coach Mike Monteleone shot after apparent robbery in Lookingglass

The News-Review
November 29, 2000

LOOKINGGLASS — A 40-year-old Roseburg man and former track and cross country coach at Canyonville Christian Academy was shot and killed Tuesday by a homeowner who saw him fleeing from his home wearing a ski mask.

Michael Dale Monteleone, a Glendale High School graduate, was shot by Charles Patrick Shirtcliff, 54, in the fields outside Shirtcliff’s Lookingglass home at 1015 Coos Bay Wagon Road.

Shirtcliff told detectives he returned from shopping and doctor appointments in Roseburg to find a person in a ski mask running out the back of his house, according to Douglas County Sheriff’s Office reports.

Shirtcliff grabbed a handgun from his vehicle and gave chase. He told investigators at the scene that Monteleone refused to stop and took off in a vehicle. Shirtcliff gave chase in his own vehicle.

As they drove across the back roads of Shirtcliff’s wooded 40 acres, Monteleone stopped several times but refused to get out of the vehicle. Shirtcliff said he believed Monteleone had a weapon.

At one point, Shirtcliff was out of his vehicle and Monteleone attempted to run him over and instead sideswiped Shirtcliff’s vehicle, according to statements made at the scene.

Shirtcliff shot at the vehicle several times. Monteleone eventually got out of his vehicle and rushed him, Shirtcliff said. That’s when he shot him dead, he said, though he might have been hit before.

Shirtcliff told investigators it was self-defense.

The Douglas County Major Crimes Team was activated to investigate.

“There has been a dramatic change in Michael (Monteleone) over the last couple of years that has been sad for his family to watch,” said Diane Monteleone, Michael’s former wife in a phone interview today. They have three children.

The pair divorced in March of this year. He was convicted of assaulting her in May 1999. Monteleone was also arrested this past June for felony criminal trespass.

“There have been a number of events that has had his family concerned,” Diane Monteleone said. “I guess bad choices can lead to more bad choices.”

An autopsy is tentatively scheduled for Thursday. No charges have been filed and the incident is still under investigation.

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