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Man Uses Shotgun to Detain Two of Five Home Invaders
Two teenagers face burglary charges

Excerpted from full story published in St. Petersburg Times, February 14, 2001


HOMOSASSA, Florida -- Nelson Humphrey said he awoke early Sunday to find as many as five uninvited teenagers in his house. Using a shotgun he kept in his bedroom, he detained two of the boys.

Humphrey, 51, who lives at 1205 S Palm Ave., told investigators that he turned off the lights about 10 p.m. Saturday. He woke up about three hours later to the sound of voices and banging.

He grabbed his shotgun and stepped outside the bedroom, wearing just a T-shirt, he told the Citrus Times Tuesday. Humphrey said at least two of the teens were within 10 feet of his bedroom. As many as three others ran out a back door.

Humphrey said he was screaming at the two closest teens to get down. They eventually did. Allen John Shields, who lives in an apartment on the property, heard the commotion and came to Humphrey's aid, Humphrey says.

Shields watched the teens as Humphrey called 911. After he called 911, Humphrey asked Shields to continue watching them.

"I said watch them and keep them there so I can get my drawers on at least," Humphrey said.

Both teens face charges of burglary.

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