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Waco Killers Still at Large

Waco Killers Still at Large

The Waco massacre demonstrates that the Federal government is power corrupt top to bottom.

My letter to my Congressman

The Waco massacre says something very profound about the Federal Government. I have read every thing I can get my hands on about the whole tragic event. Looking back at my old notes at the Sunday May 30, 1993 Sixty Minutes program, the last portion of the show showed an interview with BATF agents discussing the sexual harassment scandal involving female BATF agents. Several male agents backed them up. At the last part of this final part of the interview the BATF agents were asked why the Waco raid was done. One of the BATF agents said and the rest nodded in agreement that the raid was done solely to build the reputation of BATF because of the scandal. The motivation was to obtain more money for BATF from Congress.

In the week of negotiating before former Sen. John Danforth agreed to head the Justice Department's Waco investigation, he and Reno argued about authority of what to investigate, and what kinds of power he had. Janet Reno wanted Danforth to accept a co-counsel which he refused.

The one Reno wanted for co-counsel is almost certainly the one named as Danforth's deputy the former St. Louis U.S. Attorney Ed Dowd. Dowd used his office and taxpayers' money to set up a toll-free number opposing last spring's Missouri firearms concealed carry referendum, and writing police agencies urging them to oppose the referendum. He also printed and distributed anti-licensed carry material at taxpayer expense.

Waco Federal Judge Walter Smith, who would brook no criticism for Federal law enforcement during the Davidian trial, was furious when U.S. Marshals spent several hours conferring with the Justice Department before complying with his order for them to seize evidence from the raid still held by BATF. According a story in the Dallas Morning News, the judge was "livid" when his sealed order to seize the evidence was discussed with Washington. Just last week the judge had to intervene before the BATF would allow Texas Rangers access to evidence.

This continuing effort to keep the evidence hidden puts the lie to the Clinton Administration's claims that it only wants to determine the truth. The sworn federal police officers are protecting the rottenness at the top. The scandals about the Clinton administration accepting Chinese money for campaigns, the travel office firings and the use of federal prosecutors to try to imprison Billy Dale says the Federal Government is rotten at the top. There are a lot of middle managers in the FBI and BATF and the military that knew about the massacre. This means the Federal Government is rotten top to bottom.

The Democrats and a lot of Republican in Congress want us to trust the FBI and BATF who committed the Waco massacre and are illegally keeping the names and data on firearms purchasers. I will not.

The illegal keeping of records of firearms purchasers is an attempt to build a registration list. The only extensive use of a registration list is to carry out confiscation. Therefore any government involvement in private transfers of firearms must be stopped. Please vote against the gun control bills now in Congress even if it includes so called good legislation.