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Armed teenager stops home invader

Originally ran here as:
"Alleged intruder shot, in critical condition"
Sunday, March 11, 2001
The Gainesville Sun


A Clearwater man was shot and critically injured early Friday morning after a Suwannee County family said he tried to break into their home.

Isidora Martinez, 22, was shot by Seth Starling, 16, at 1:05 a.m. at the Starlings' house at 152nd Street near Luraville, said Suwannee County Sheriff's Major Les Hall.

The Starlings told investigators that a man they didn't know woke the family up by beating on the patio door and hollering. The man then got in Dale Starling's truck and beat on the dash and then came back to the house, tore open the patio door and beat on the glass doors, Hall said.

Seth Starling picked up a hunting rifle from the closet, stood next to his parents, Dale and Janice Starling, and pointed the gun at the man as the three Starlings yelled at him to go away, Hall said.

The man then seemed to go into a rage and violently punched, kicked and struck the glass doors. Seth fired one shot through the glass and struck the man in his abdominal area, Hall said.

Dale Starling called 911 and Martinez was airlifted to Shands at Jacksonville.

Martinez was in town visiting his brother, Joel Acosta, who lives near the Starlings.

No charges have been filed and authorities are investigating the incident.

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