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Gun Rights Group's Response to El Cajon, CA School Shooting


For Immediate Release
March 22, 2001

Today's shooting at Granite Hills High School in California -- just six miles from our most recent mass school shooting, and just three weeks later -- clearly illustrates the importance of having armed and trained adults in our more violence-prone schools. Our sympathies are with the parents and students, and our frustrations are with the government's so-called "Gun Free Schools" mandate.

According to Fox News, "No one was reported killed and the presence of an on-site officer could have saved lives." How they come up with the phrase "could have" is a mystery considering the fact that the shooter was clearly intent on killing and had the firepower to carry out his desires. That cop saved lives, period. And he saved those children's lives with a gun.

Parents with children attending this high school should count their blessings that an armed, responsible adult was on campus. CNN tells us "deputies were at the school for an unrelated reason."  Whatever that "unrelated reason" was, the presence of the gun in the hands of a responsible adult means there are no parents of El Cajon's high school grieving the death of a child today.

The recent Santana High School incident in nearby Santee was also stopped by an armed citizen, another peace officer who "happened to be there." Joel Myrick stopped a school shooter in Pearl, Mississippi with a gun he "illegally" had in his car at the time. He had to violate a federal law to save children's lives, but do you think their parents minded his ignoring that law? Hardly.

Israeli settlers on the west bank of the Jordan faced constant attack at the time this picture was taken. Here, Ester Baruch, nine months pregnant, waits outside the kindergarten in Kiryat Arba, loaded sub-machine gun in hand. It probably wasn't "fun" for her to have to take such drastic measures, but she loves her children. Don't you?

Parents with children in area schools are understandably concerned about their children's safety. One of our members, Dennis Jackson, has daughters who attend schools in the area -- and friends at Granite Hills in El Cajon. Mr. Jackson telephoned us today and was quite frustrated and outraged that his children are sitting ducks. 

"My daughter told me she's not going to school tomorrow," Dennis Jackson spoke painfully through the phone line. "She doesn't feel safe. Am I supposed to order her to go back to the potential 'fish in a barrel' situation now created by this so-called 'Gun Free School Zone?' When a government requires children to go to their indoctrination centers but refuses to protect them from the criminal element, how are parents supposed to feel? Why won't they allow well-trained teachers to protect my children as has been done to stop school shootings in Israel?"'s Founder and Exec. Director, Angel Shamaya, issued the following official statement today, saying, "I believe the following fairly represents the majority of our members' views and those of a growing number of parents throughout our nation":

"El Cajon's Granite Hills High School has approximately 2,900 students. Presumably, the majority of their parents love them. We call on those parents -- and all parents with children in 'criminal safety school zones' -- to demand armed protection for their children. Whether it be law enforcement officers or trained principals and/or teachers, we must all face the fact that nothing but a well-aimed gun is going to stop a deranged lunatic who is aggressively trying to kill our children.'s President, Harley "Gunnie" Reagan, Ph.D., D.D. also issued a statement today, as follows:

"Once again, we see a senseless shooting by a deranged individual who held the gun laws in the state of California in total disregard. It is shown beyond a reasonable doubt to anyone except the most irrational of minds that we must now try it our way if we are to save children's lives. Don't we hear the anti-rights people saying, 'if it only saves one life' in their push for gun control? We are saying, 'Give it a chance. Try it our way.' Let's use the example of Israel and Switzerland by making certain we have trained and armed personnel -- whether they be security officers or teachers -- to decrease the number of injured or lost lives in America's schools. Guns in the hands of good people do save lives, period -- and today's incident proved it."
Contact: Angel Shamaya, Founder/Executive Director

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