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School Shootings Solution Number Two

by Gary Marbut
Montana Shooting Sports Association

In re: "School Shootings - Our Answer", I disagree with your solution.

Dr. Laura says, take your kids out of the dangerous (in many ways) public schools NOW. She says to put kids in a private school or home-school them, but that it's far too risky to have them in public schools.

Concerning the school shootings, I believe the best response is a combination between Dr. Laura's and yours. That is, pull your kids out of the dangerous public schools and TELL THEM that you will keep your kids out as long as the schools are government-guaranteed criminal safety zones.

If the parent of every student in the school politely asked the school to end its defender disarmament policy, no change would happen, because the schools are just not going to roll back the gains they've made on their liberal agenda. The only way they'll change is if they are genuinely threatened with real loss of turf because of real out-migration of students. Until that happens, they'll just dig in their heels, batten down the hatches, and ride out the storm.

If just 1/3 of parents followed Dr. Laura's advice and pulled their kids (and told the schools it was because of the idiotic disarmament policy), the economic and political bloodletting at the public schools would be so great that the schools would be beg the Legislature and Congress to change the law. Of course, as the evacuating kids were streaming out the door, the school personnel would say, "Hey, it's not our fault, the Legislature and Congress passed the laws requiring this." They will oh so conveniently forget to tell dissatisfied parents that the Legislature and Congress passed criminal safety zone laws BECAUSE the public school establishment lobbied so very vigorously for those laws, dancing readily to the tune set by those who craft the overall liberal political agendas.

AND, the California Legislature and U.S. Congress are not going to change the law making schools criminal safety zones as long as the schools are playing the "save the children" tune in defense of the defense-free schools policy.

So, as Dr. Laura says, kids will be much safer if parents home school them. And, the public school establishment won't change until they suffer a significant loss of students.

In this discussion, one thing that has always amazed me is the tacit admission of the education establishment that the education profession is populated with people who are not bright, competent or emotionally stable enough to be trusted with guns. If we can't trust them with guns, why on Earth should we trust them with our children? Note:  We were in the middle of a draft called "Skip (Government) School Permanently" where we addressed the home-schooling approach, but Gary Marbut said it so well we simply published his version. We do encourage you to read Dennis Jackson's Brainstorming Responses to School Shootings -- Calling for Your Ideas and, if you have a few ideas on how to launch a flyer/PR campaign through and then off of the web, send them to Dennis so we can start applying pressure in communities around the nation.