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Girl shoots mother's attacker, ruled self-defense

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Police: Girl who shot mother's abusive boyfriend won't be charged

The Associated Press
5/1/01 11:22 PM

CLARKSDALE, Miss. (AP, -- A 12-year-old girl who shot and killed her mother's attacker will not be charged, police said Tuesday.

The girl was asleep in her room when Anthony Fox chased her mother into their apartment, forcing his way through the door, Detective Danny Hill said.

"She heard the commotion and she knew from past experience what was going on," Hill said.

The girl saw Fox choking her mother, grabbed her mother's pistol and fired a single shot into his chest, Hill said.

The county coroner said Fox, 25, died of a single gunshot wound to the chest Saturday at an area hospital.

Fox had been arrested for domestic violence against the girl's mother, his on-and-off girlfriend, at least twice, Hill said.

A youth court judge ruled the shooting self-defense, Hill said. The girl's name was withheld because of her age.

KABA NOTE: If the gun had been equipped with a triggerlock, the girl and the mother might both be dead. If people wish to voluntarily lock up their safety, such is their prerogative, but making trigger locks mandatory is a crime against the right to life and liberty.

Another Report

Girl shoots mother's assailant, police say

By: Jeff Piselli, News Editor
April 30, 2001
Original Publication Location

A Clarksdale man was shot to death by a 12-year-old girl Saturday night as he allegedly attacked the girl's mother, police said.

Anthony Fox, 25, whose last known address was 1840 Espy Drive, Apt. 15-C, was shot once in the chest with a medium-caliber handgun. He died a short time later at Northwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center.

"It appears to have been a domestic type of dispute," said Assistant Police Chief Tim Fortenberry. "The deceased had a history of assaulting this child's mother. He was in the process of assaulting her and forcing his way into the house when the shooting occurred."

Fortenberry identified the child's mother as a 32-year-old resident of the same apartment complex where Fox resided. The shooting took place at the woman's residence.

"She was sitting on the front porch with a friend when Mr. Fox came along and jumped on her. She went into the house, and he came in behind," said Fortenberry. "She tried to close the door behind her, but he forced his way on in."

Coahoma County Coroner Scotty Meredith said the girl, whose name is being withheld because she is a juvenile, witnessed the attack, grabbed a semiautomatic pistol and fired a single shot into Fox's chest.

"He was apparently choking her when the girl went and got the gun," Meredith said.

The case remained under investigation this morning, and no charges had been filed.

Fortenberry said Coahoma County Youth Court authorities would review the facts of the case and determine what actions, if any, would be taken.

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