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Pregnant woman shoots and kills violent rapist

Originally published here as:
"Pregnant woman 'shoots employee dead after rape attempt'"
Last updated: 11:31 Thursday 19th April 2001

Ananova -- A heavily pregnant South African woman says she shot and killed an employee after he tried to rape her.

The woman was apparently hit, kicked and stabbed by her 52-year-old gardener in her Springs home on the East Rand.

The man was shot in the chest and died in the lounge. The woman and her unborn child are in a satisfactory condition in hospital.

Police believe the man entered the house to get some water, but then grabbed the woman by the hair.

He apparently pulled her into the lounge, where he threatened her with a knife before trying to rape her.

The pregnant woman pushed the man away and was stabbed in the stomach, arm and legs. The man then kicked her in the stomach, police said.

The woman picked up a gun from a bedroom and fired a shot at the man, hitting him in the chest. He continued to chase her before eventually collapsing, the iafrica website reports.

Police haven't said whether the woman will face charges.

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KABA NOTE:  The fact that a woman who has been stabbed, kicked and punched could even remotely be considered for charges after shooting the scumbag who committed such a heinous crime against her tells us plenty about the very sick people in government in South Africa.  Anyone who charges her should be stabbed, kicked and punched and forced to do nothing -- to experience what they expect from others.  Let there be an armed revolution in South Africa; it's apparently long overdue.