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My view on Independence day

By Adam Baldwin

As I write this it is July, second, two-thousand and one AD. Independence day is only the day after tomorrow, though the Declaration of Independence wasn’t formally signed in tell August 2, 1776 we celebrate Independence day on the 4th of July

I think back to 1776, it’s been 225 years give or take a few weeks since the document was formally signed. In my limited life span that seems like a long time, in the history of humanity but an hour. With few exceptions the history of humanity has been a violent
and tyrannical one. In the words of Rousseau, “Man was born free, and he is everywhere in chains.” Though the Founding Fathers of our nation probably didn’t even realize it caught up in the moment of their time, but it was just this trend of tyranny and enslavement of humanity they were attempting to reverse.

It was hoped that their fellow countrymen and people all over the world would follow their example and shake off the chains of oppression. Their dream was partially realized and it can be said that it all formally began the moment our Founding Fathers signed
the Declaration of Independence.

The signing of the Declaration of Independence was not something our Founding Fathers did lightly. Most did not want to secede from the British empire. The Founders took every reasonable means of reaching a peaceful settlement with the King of England, short of war and independence. The view’s and philosophical beliefs of the King of England and the view’s and philosophical beliefs of the predominate faction of the American colonies had grown to far apart. The Americans desired Liberty, the King control. These two
ideas are not compatible. The King would not relent, and liberty -- as the Founders understood it and as many of us understand it -- is not compromisable. War and independence was the only way.

The Founding Fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence and the faction of Americans they represented, sacrificed life, liberty, and financial wealth. They sacrificed much, some sacrificed it all. Their cause was just, their will unbreakable and they won. Between the many years of their day and ours, many generations of Americans have made similar sacrifices of life, liberty, and financial wealth to preserve and improve what the Founding Fathers began at the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Independence day is meant to celebrate American independence and liberty. It is meant to celebrate the day our Founding Fathers -- apprehensive and scared of the future, but unwilling to be made slaves -- signed the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of
Independence is the first and highest law of the United States of America. It is the first and one of only two legal binding documents in the entire world to legally recognize mankind's inalienable right’s. It also recognizes the people's right or probably more correctly a predominate faction of the people's right to overthrow any government that has systematically attempted to enslave it’s own people. For these reasons every American should celebrate on Independence day. All over America, Americans will watch fireworks, listen to outdoor concerts, have barbeques, enjoy the company of friends and family, and some will even fly the American flag.

I wonder and worry at how many of them will even remember what Independence day is about. I wonder when the last time most of them last read the Declaration of Independence, even the Constitution? How many of the American people even know what inalienable rights are? In order to practice and defend a right one has to first know a right exists. It is no different than “how do you use fire” if you are unaware of its existence.

I openly wonder how many more Independence days there will be to celebrate if the nation continues on the path it is currently on. To our Founding Fathers, Independence day was a day to celebrate burning their bridges with England. It was about how one third of
the American populous said they had had enough of tyranny’s boot and took on an empire that gathered up the largest army it had ever assembled, with the greatest navy in the world and attempted to put out the spark of liberty. Today Independence day is
largely a commercial holiday, including buying American flags made in Communist China, and a traditional day off. I know many of you believe in an amendment to our constitution to make it illegal to burn the American flag, but I ask you how can it be immoral to burn a flag produced by communist slaves?

I believe a storm is brewing. A growing faction of Americans are slowly coming together. Like the first American faction that fought for liberty and independence, it is a small minority, but it will grow. It will grow because people like you and I are saying enough of these socialist/corporate police state ideas and speaking out to our friends, family, and coworkers. We have logic and truth on our side and we can win. Individual Americans here and there throughout our great land our rediscovering what it means to be an American, to breathe liberty, to live free. If and when this faction of Americans who wish to restore the constitution succeed, Americans will once again celebrate Independence day in the same spirit as our Forefathers did.