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So Help Me God

by Randy J. Lindower
Canton, Ohio
July 4, 2001

July fourth is a day when I pause and reflect on the awesome intelligence that our Founders possessed. The ability of these men to foresee possible hazards to their "great experiment in government" never ceases to amaze me.

The Founders were men of great respectability who had a dream and acted on that dream. Their actions resulted in the creation of the greatest nation on earth. Nowhere else on earth could men from all walks of life be free to choose and control their own destiny. They instilled in others the desire to be free, and that desire still to this day burns in all Americans.

I only hope that today's Americans realize what those early Americans did, that our freedom is not free and requires constant vigilance and sacrifice in order to keep it alive. We must never let our guard down.

I long for the day when all will feel the patriotism that will put fear into those who wish to destroy our sacred Republic. I try to stay vigilant. I try to stay informed and to inform others and I have vowed to never become complacent. I read the Federalist Papers for motivation and as a reminder of the brilliance of the Founders minds.

The unalienable rights granted us by God and protected by the Constitution will live forever if we never give up the fight to preserve them. We must educate our young and put the desire to be free into their hearts and we must pass to them the tools given us to keep freedom alive.

Two-hundred twenty-five years of liberty is something every American should reflect upon daily. This is America, this is my country and by damn nobody will take it from me, so help me God.

Randy J. Lindower