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Farewell America

by Jim Garofolo

You were born of a vision of Freedom, and Independence.

You spent your childhood forming the character of your goals.

As a teenager you stood against the bullies who would take advantage of a young nation.

As a young man you came to the aid of countries besieged by tyrants.

As an adult you fought to make the world a safer place.

Unfortunately along the way every step since your birth you compromised your vision. Until little by little the vision that gave you birth has become blurred beyond recognition. You’ve lost sight of your reasons for being.

You’re old now (225 years), and history has documented that even the greatest past government’s life expectancy has been 250 years.

As you near your end I thank you for all you let me experience in a nation like no other since the beginning of time. I hope there are enough of your citizens who also appreciate all that you were, and are willing to do what’s necessary to give birth to a new nation. Born of a vision of Freedom, and Independence, and this time not compromise their vision.


Jim Garofolo