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by Jamie Delker

So I can sleep soundly at night.
So I can make it to work on time.
So I can go shopping with my wife.
So I can take my daughter to the park.
So I can enjoy an afternoon with my friends.
So I can mail a letter to my mom.
So I can come home to my family at night.
So I can deposit my paycheck at the bank.
So I can take my girls out for ice cream.

So my wife has a fighting chance against a rapist.
So my daughter has less of a chance of being abducted when I'm near.
So I can even the score against an assailant.

So I won't be a victim.
So my family won't be victims.

So we can live.

Take away the Second Amendment, and I might as well kiss all of the above goodbye.

Funny thing is, I'm no good at goodbyes.