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Still Fighting

by David Cheney 


On the site of the Battle of Bunker Hill there sits a bronze tablet bearing the names of those who died in that place to win freedom for their posterity. Should you visit that place, please note the name William Cheney. William was my ancestor, who, though not knowing me, gave his life so that I might be free.

It was June 17, 1775 when William took down his gun from over the mantlepiece and marched along with the other men of the Ashford Regiment to the place where he and many more would sacrifice themselves for the cause of liberty. His son, Thomas, also marched to the battle with another regiment.

What would be his reaction to those today who would say that he should not be able to own the gun that bought our freedom? What would be his answer to those whose desire is to take the liberty won during those years of turmoil? 

I believe he would turn to his GOD and cry out in anguish and anger for the waste of so many lives to be taken as nothing. But he is not here to respond; I AM here, and I answer for him. He DID NOT die in vain! He died for LIBERTY! He died so that I could live my life as GOD would have me live it!

So, I must be the one to carry on what he and our forefathers began so long ago. I must not quit the battle he began. I must teach the truth to my children and all who will listen. The fight started then in 1775. We are still fighting!