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Guard Rail

by Doug Millard

Our United States Constitution propelled us to the position of the greatest nation in the world. 

Our Constitution is a winning combination in the area of human rights, endeavors and accomplishments, written by men much smarter and more street wise than we, their descendants. They conceived the document and, with clear understanding of human nature, even forecast that some who followed, would try to BREACH it. 

Hence, the SECOND AMENDMENT, the only clause that gives teeth to a brilliant but otherwise defenseless piece of paper. 

The SECOND AMENDMENT, like it or not, is set in Granite and not an item which they can LEGALLY touch, change or modify, regardless how badly they wish it. The SECOND AMENDMENT is not theirs to tamper with. To do so is at once a VIOLATION of their oath of office and SEDITION. 

We must always remember that the original purpose of the Second Amendment was that IF all the safeguards of the other Amendments failed, or were SUSPENDED by some UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACT or MANEUVER, the Second Amendment is our "GUARD RAIL" to keep us from going over the cliff into oblivion, and by common sense, "STATE OF THE ART" tools (guns) were understood to be a prerequisite to accomplish this VITAL mission. 

The only two reasons I can think of to try and ALTER this time tested and proven combination are: 

(A) An unthinking and unreasonable FEAR of guns. 

(B) A desire to confiscate the peoples' means of resistance and institute Marshall Law, or worse. 

History is filled with evidence that (B) is the most likely reason. 

Paul Harvey read a letter from "Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership" listing many instances of countries around the world which have done the "OR WORSE". This is a very sobering historical dissertation of the tragedies which have befallen country after country of unarmed people. 

It is well to remember that hogs in a pig pen are in "Seventh Heaven". Everything for their comfort is provided. Things are so good, UNTIL the day they go to market. 

I hope that our sleeping countrymen will awaken, think carefully about this, and DEMAND Constitutional actions from ALL elected officials.