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by Brian D. Spratta

They are  above the law and behind it too,
these things you’ve witnessed, you know it’s true.

They’ve invaded your home and the family within,
nothing is sacred, for you let them in.

They tell you right is wrong, and wrong is right,
but this you don’t notice, lacking peripheral sight.

They have you accept as truth, their senseless rhetoric,
while your minds should be made up, by all things historic.

They lie and cheat and steal your land,
they smile while doing it, you’ll make no stand.

They smother you with new laws, rules and taxes
and will lock you away if you stray from this axis.

They despise and mock the U.S. Constitution
and would have you believe there can be no retribution.

They want your guns and will get them too,
you’ll surrender your weapons then they’ll get you.

They will have you believe that God is a hoax
and instead put your faith in the men with the cloaks.

They enlist the aid of the Hollywood famous,
so you will accept their agenda and still remain shameless.

They want your children attending their schools,
to be molded and shaped into mindless fools.

They want your soul and your own free will,
they want to control you and leave you with nil.

They’ll steer you and prod you till world rule is one,
their mission accomplished…thy will be done.

Inch by inch you give in to their sanctions,
the “They” herein, are the United Nations.

And so it will be lest you take heed,
to the power of evil and the strength of its seed.