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by Lori Broadhead
Co-National Director, Armed Females of America

I took you for granted, thought you'd always be there
as I flaunted and boasted with never a care.

I bragged that you're mine but never once thought
that your drifting away could cost me a lot.

I knew you were here but I didn't once ask
what I could do to make our bond last.

You told me there's trouble, but I wouldn't see,
and there's millions like me who too disagree.

I know it's enticing but please don't you leave,
that temptress is evil, she lies, cheats and steals.

I've met this deceiver, she loves the control,
of your rights, your thoughts, to have a stronghold.

I've heard it all too, "for the children" she preached,
and I turned a deaf ear, thought her voice never reached.

I saw that you weakened, but went on my way,
never lifting a finger or beg you to stay.

I watched her grow stronger, luring you from me,
never knowing such damage may never repeal.

I strolled through each day and didn't once try,
knowing in my heart that you surely could die.

I heard distant gossip that you were near gone,
and I shook in my boots, knowing you were her pawn.

My neglect, my absence, my lack of insight
nearly cost me what's dear, what's precious . . . my rights!

I see my erred ways now, but will you forgive
the blindness and ignorance, I want you to live!

Dear freedom don't leave me, I'm here by your side,
freedom you need me, we'll fight for our rights.

Freedom you're weak now, but by truth will you heal;
freedom I'm here now, please stay while I kneel.

Freedom let's ask for the strength to forge on;
freedom let's hope that others will come.

Freedom don't hear what the temptress is saying;
freedom, those anti's are all against praying.

Freedom rise up now, don't cower away,
I'm right here behind you, I never will stray.

Freedom stand guard while I fight for your honor,
shroud me in truth and arm me with valor.

Freedom I pray that our battle be smooth,
but freedom, if not, I'll die saving you.

Freedom I'm sorry for not trusting your heart,
freedom, I love you, let's vow not to part.

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