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Stand strong sweet Liberty

by Bryan Clifford

Stand strong sweet Liberty
Sorry we've let our guard down  
Well make it up to you, this we promise
And the bells of freedom will once again sound

We've lost almost all that you gave us
We've lost our land, our children's minds, and our souls
our right to pray, our economic freedom, and our direction
To get them back shall be our only goal

Once this Country was great
And some day it shall be again
There is evil all around us
but here, listen to our plan

We will take back by force if is necessary
And I'm afraid it may have to be
For the evil that lurks at every corner
Will not only kill you, but kill me

You can't reason with such a thing
They want our minds, our bodies, or souls
But to get them, they will have to take them
For they simply can not be sold

The first shot will be heard round the world
And the Patriots will rise up again
To pound this evil into submission
The evil that is the UN