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Although this satire was originally dedicated to my husband and other War Veterans, I have long since realized that the Call Of Freedom is extended to all of us as our Honor, Duty & Responsibility. May this poem serve to warn what the evilness of doing nothing has brought upon this nation!


By Stephanie Cheney

"too old to fight" and "too young to die" walk side by side to "middle of the road",
through the valley of sorrows in the land of tomorrows
to the abode of "middle of the road"
...he was a weaver of words, so pale the tale
that his looms of thought spun dusty and musty
as the tombs of history have exposed his lie
to "too old to fight" and to "too young to die".
The truth remains told by only the bold -
No glory for them - only bloodshed and tears,
to age them a lifetime in just a few years.
But the weaver, the deceiver, the liar of lies,
who sought to abide in the "middle of the road"
must answer: "WHY?" to the children who cry
for "too old to fight and "too young to die".
...the fabric he's woven is laid out before him and
the moth-eaten remnants prove his blame and his shame.
He chose not to care, not to hear, nor to see
but only to weave and the lies to believe.
Oh weaver of words, "In God may you trust!" said "too old" and "too young"
as the knife of truth they thrust through the threads of his evil and lust;
forever to sever the cords of cowardice.
Once again "too old" and "too young" walk side by side...
only "too young" became old....too old to fight
and "too old" belied he was too young to die!