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Some of the "Children" Who Died by Gunshot

July 21, 2001 -- One of the most common myths spouted by anti-Constitution gun rights infringers is the old "10 children a day die by gunshot." It was nice seeing that number shrink from 16, to 14, to 12 and down to its current overstated number of 10.  But that still exaggerates the truth -- and fails to address the fact that some of those "kids" better serve society from 6 feet under.

Here are but a few examples of the poor, dear "children" who've died by gunshot recently:

Then there are those poor, dear "children" who were only wounded during the commission of crimes:

And let's not forget those "children" who are lucky to be alive today, but for the kindness of a gun owner:

Considering the fact that self-defense shootings are rarely reported but we've managed to scrounge up this many, and considering how many "children" are killed by police officers who are rightfully using lethal force to stop them from violating the rights of others, one can only ask the anti-Constitution liars:

Would you prefer that all of these poor, dear "children" simply be left alone to have their fun?

And if so,

What the hell are you smoking?