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Born on the 4th

by Ben Holmes

You were born on the 4th in the month of July,

In the year of 76'.

You breathed life on that hot summer day,

To inspire a land of disarray.

People would cheer and shout

To throw those English out,

And bloody years followed that day.

There were 4ths in years like 77',

Where the end of war would be like Heaven,

But patriots kept up in stride.

When New York was taken

And Baltimore shaken

And Philly let the enemies in,

Washington was left

In a state of distress

With his army was frozen and beaten.

It was not until,

On a night of great chill

That Washington found a way.

The enemy In Trenton

Had been drunk since dawn of Christmas Day.

On the early hours after Christmas night

Washington led his men with fury

And swept the Hessians with fright.

This battle is considered a turning point

But the War went on with weary.

The Rebels took drastic steps to coax

Which seemed to be their only hope

The French to fight the English hosts.

Not until 78' brought glory

Did the French help decide America's story.

The war dragged on for three more years,

With Liberty far in sight.

When defeat at Yorktown for the English came

They left America with pouts and tears,

And left the Yankees without any shame

For driving them out after so many years.

And they must've thought back to 76',

When Declaration was lifted high

By a gallant 56.

And today we cheer loudly south and north,

Our first birthday of July the 4th.