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Brother uses shotgun to defend his wife

Originally ran here as:
"Man arrested for attack on deputies"
by JOE CALLAHAN, Senior Staff Writer
August 10, 2001

ANTHONY, FLORIDA A Marion County man who authorities say punched two law enforcement officers was arrested Wednesday night after he removed his stomach tube and slung body fluids into one deputy's eyes and another officer's mouth, reports state.

William Garret Eamigh, 32, of Northeast 97th Street Road, was immediately rushed to Munroe Regional Medical Center after his arrest, where doctors put back his stomach tube. Eamigh was then taken to the Marion County Jail, where he awaits a hearing before a judge.

Meanwhile, deputies Patricia Winkler and Timothy O'Hara of the Marion County Sheriff's Office were then seen by a doctor, who conducted a precautionary examination to make sure the officers were not exposed to any type of disease, officials said.

''This definitely shows people the risks that people here at the Sheriff's Office are exposed to every day,'' said Sheriff Ed Dean, adding deputies and correctional officers often confront suspects who spit in their face. ''We have a certain protocol the doctors will follow to make sure all is OK.''

The incident began unfolding shortly before 11 a.m. Wednesday when Eamigh started fighting with his brother, Richard Flatt, 28, at the Anthony home they shared, according to Marion sheriff's spokeswoman Angela Jewell.

Suddenly, Amy Flatt, 23, who is five months pregnant, intervened and was pushed into the wall by Eamigh, reports state. That prompted Richard Flatt to grab a shotgun, ordering his brother to leave the home, which was also occupied by Amy Flatt's four other children.

After leaving briefly, Eamigh returned with a baseball bat and a hatchet. Reports state that Eamigh then approached the front of house and tossed the hatchet through the front window while the Flatts and the four children were inside, reports state.

When deputies responded, they learned Eamigh was at his father's home on Northeast 38th Terrace. When O'Hara asked Eamigh his side of the story, the man said he could only remember Richard Flatt threatening him with a shotgun.

As deputies were trying to arrest him, Eamigh became extremely violent and struck O'Hara on the left side of the head and then struck Sgt. Edgar Leedy on the right side if his head, reports state.

While officers where trying to place the man in handcuffs, Eamigh continued to fight. TDuring the struggle, the deputies noticed Eamigh had a stomach feeding tube due to an undisclosed illness, reports state.

''He (Eamigh) ripped the tube out, which subsequently threw blood and body fluids into Deputy Winkler's eyes and (my) mouth,'' according to O'Hara's report.

Eamigh was charged with two counts of battery of a law enforcement officer and one count each of battery on a pregnant person, battery, throwing a deadly missile and resisting arrest with violence, reports state.

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