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Man who pulled knife is shot, no charges

Originally ran here as:
"No indictment for Atlanta man in shooting of party crasher"
by Lisa Bose McDermott , Gazette Staff
Texarkana Gazette
September 10, 2001

Victim allegedly made threats, pulled knife

LINDEN, TEXAS -- Cass County District Attorney Randal Lee announced that the Cass County grand jury no billed an Atlanta, Texas, man suspected of shooting an uninvited party guest.

Alfred Webster, 60, was not indicted for the July 4 shooting of Winfred Earl Walker.

Walker apparently arrived at the Webster residence uninvited during a party, Lee said.

"Witness statements disagree, but apparently Mr. Walker threatened his wife and a man named Jeff Walker over a domino game. Mr. Walker pulled a knife during this incident," Lee said.

Lee said Webster asked Walker to leave.

"All parties agreed that Mr. Webster yelled, warning Mr. Walker to stay away from the knife," Lee said.

Webster, using a .38 caliber pistol, fired a warning shot and seconds later a second bullet was discharged from the gun. The second bullet struck Walker in the forehead.

Lee said witness testimony is disputed about whether Walker's knife was open or closed.

"Mr. Walker has been convicted twice before of aggravated assault, at least once with a knife. He has been shot at least twice before in years past. He has recovered somewhat and has no recollection of this incident," Lee said.

Lee said he had doubts about prosecuting Webster.

"Not that he shot him but whether it was justified or not. Everyone agrees that he yelled a couple of warnings to the guy with the knife to stand back," Lee said.

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