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Elderly man kills inruder

Originally ran here as:
"Intruder killed by elderly homeowner"
No charges filed against 93-year-old
by Tara Young, Staff Writer
September 30, 2001

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- A 93-year-old man shot and killed an intruder who broke into his Abita Subdivision home early Saturday, the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office said.

The St. Tammany Parish coroner's office identified the victim as Michael Patterson, 22, of Havelock, N.C. A coroner's office spokesman said he was in town visiting relatives in the Covington area.

An autopsy was completed Saturday. The results will be released to the St. Tammany district attorney's office, pending the completion of an investigation into the shooting by the Sheriff's Office.

Deputies received a call from Leo Pratt, who lives on Violet Street in the Abita Subdivision, shortly before 4 a.m. Pratt told police he had just shot an intruder in his home, said Tiffany Tate, a Sheriff's Office spokeswoman.

Pratt told deputies he was awakened when he heard someone apparently breaking in his home by forcing open the front door. The intruder struck Pratt, and Pratt said he grabbed a .38 caliber handgun he kept near his bed and opened fire.

Patterson died at St. Tammany Parish Hospital, where he had been taken for treatment. Pratt also was taken to the hospital to be checked for injuries. He was later released, authorities said.

No charges are expected to be filed against Pratt, the Sheriff's Office said.

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