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Project Seig Heil
by Scott Graves

So the NRA has decided on a new tactic in its drive for slowing the decay of the Second Amendment.  They have sided with the devil on this, but then again, what did we expect?  The NRA has never been a Pro-Freedom group, they support enforcement of all sorts of draconian laws.  Drug laws are a special favorite of not only the leadership, but much of the membership.

What this comes down to is simple, Project Seig Heil is the logical next step for a group dedicated to the idea of the Second Amendment, with some "reasonable" limits.  Such as those nasty stinky hippies, they don't need guns, they are drug users and that is icky.  How about folks in those nasty inner cities?  They wont hunt much, and a lot of them are drug users, so they wont need guns either.  Not to mention neither group has many NRA members in it. 

How about them militia types, with those military looking weapons, all dressed in camouflage and playing GI-Joe in the sticks?  Well, they are just a bit too revolutionary for the NRA bigwigs, and if they did overthrow the government the NRA would be useless, and they really like those big donations that Bill Klinton's speeches bring in.  

Lets face it folks, the NRA has been a soft target for the Gun Control crowd for years.  They are no different than any other lobbying group.  The worst thing that could happen is their problem being solved.  Every time the politicos pass some new draconian gun legislation the NRA gets more members.  Wayne loves big government. 

I can just see Wayne and Sarah working up some strategy.  Wayne starts complaining about being the whipping boy, and how membership is down.  He says that its the NRA's turn for the offensive.  Sarah sticks to her guns though, says that HCI can't be the whipping boy, after all the media would never give him air time.  She says to hit Klinton, he is a lame duck anyhow, and that they can work together on a project that will get those stinky hippies in jail.  They hug, shake hands, and go to Denver to announce their new plan, Project Seig Heil, the plan to get the gun owners that don't pay NRA dues in jail!

In this way, they both are happy, cause after all, if guns were illegal, HCI would lose out on the donations as well.  So they just go after those gun owners who aren't members of the NRA, and if the Gestapo gets a few NRA members, they can always send in some lawyers and make their membership love them even more.

I for one am happy to have never contributed to the NRA, those back stabbing  politicos are no more friends of freedom than the National Socialist Party are friends of Jews.  At one time I thought they were just wimps who were happy being the soft target of HCI.  But now I see they are sided with the forces of evil.  When the time to be counted came, they stood in Denver with those who piss upon the Second Amendment and proudly goose-stepped into the brave new world.

Scott Graves
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