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Armed citizen holds two would-be thieves for police

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The Sentinel
December, 11, 2001

HANFORD, CALIFORNIA -- Two Hanford men were arrested early this morning after allegedly breaking into a car shortly after midnight, the Hanford Police Department said.

They are also suspected of other thefts reported in the same neighborhood last night.

Eugenio Preciado, 18, and Fernando Guiterrez, 18, were reportedly caught breaking into a carin the 2700 block of Stonecrest Drive by the owner of the car around 1 a.m.

The owner tried to hold the two men at gunpoint until police arrived, but they fled in a waiting car, running over the owner's foot, police said.

The owner reportedly fired off three rounds from his 9 mm semi-auto handgun. Neither suspect was struck by the bullets, but a car was hit.

Preciado and Guiterrez were later located at 12th and Greenfield avenues.

Both were arrested and taken into police custody. HPD officers alleged the suspects were also tied to two other thefts done in the Stonecrest Drive area.

The men were found in possession of numerous stolen items, which were later returned to their rightful owners, officers reported.

Preciado and Guiterrez were booked on suspicion of numerous felony and misdemeanor charges, including attempted vehicle theft, robbery and assault with a deadly weapon, according to HPD officers.

Preciado remains in jail in lieu of $122,000, and Guiterrez, $100,000, jail officials said.

Armed citizen holds two would-be thieves for police

Originally ran here as:
"2 charged in thefts"
Police Report
The Fresno Bee
December, 11, 2001

HANFORD, CALIFORNIA -- Two men were arrested by Hanford police after they were caught by a citizen breaking into a vehicle early Monday.

As the unidentified owner of the car held the two men at gunpoint, suspects Eugene Preciado and Fernando Gutierrez, both 18, fled in a waiting vehicle. As the owner tried to stop them, the suspects ran over his foot.

The citizen then fired three shots and struck the suspects' car. Hanford police and Kings County Sheriff's Department officers arrested Preciado and Gutierrez a few minutes later.

The two men were in possession of stolen items from two other thefts Sunday night. Preciado and Gutierrez were booked for assault with a deadly weapon, theft and robbery.

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