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Tant Ordeal

From: Richard Dimery <>
Organization: Southwestern Bell Internet Services
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2002 11:13:49 -0600
Subject: Tant Ordeal

Re: story at I'm outraged that this man was ever charged. A charge of MURDER boggles the mind. We are unfortunately turning into a nation where elected and appointed officials, with agendas, are attempting to criminalize self-defense and making the streets safe for miscreants and sociopaths. The peaceful citizen is to be victimized by the perp or victimized by a perverted legal system. How many thousands of dollars has this charade cost the REAL victim? How many TAX dollars have the perpetrators caused to be spent on their behalf?

In your article, the phrase "defending his business" appeared, which I believe is inappropriate. The only justification for use of deadly force is defending one's life or limb, which should have been the obvious conclusion of police, prosecutor, grand jury, unless they are subject to an un-American standard, a double-standard. (What would ANY of the aforementioned do in such a situation? Do none of them have any older family members? Statistics prove that many people will/have some day face life-threatening situations. What were they thinking?) Agenda trumps reason. Agenda trumps logic. Racial hatred/white guilt The facts were, a Senior Citizen, inside his business, was being assaulted (threatened) by multiple younger attackers, with the ability to eminently carry out the threat of Tant's injury or death.

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