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Man who killed two home invaders cleared

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"Man who killed 2 in his home won't be charged in deaths"
by Dana Treen, Times-Union staff writer
February 14, 2002

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- A Jacksonville man who shot and killed two of three people who broke into his house Jan. 19 will not face charges in the shooting during an attack on his wife.

David Seabrook, 24, of the 1500 block of Pasco Street shot all three people that night, killing Anita Jackson, 24, and Michael Hayes, 29. The third person, Natalie Partice Jackson, 26, was also was shot and eventually released from the hospital.

Prosecutors this week charged Natalie Jackson, who is no relation to Anita Jackson, with second-degree murder. She had been charged with burglary and assault in the case. Florida law allows suspects in a crime to be charged with the deaths of others who may have been killed during the commission of a crime.

Homicide Sgt. Don Schoenfeld said Seabrook acted in self-defense.

"He is allowed to defend his home," Schoenfeld said.

Seabrook initially left the scene but later voluntarily talked with police about the incident.

A police report said Natalie Jackson forced her way into the home about 9:45 p.m. and began punching Seabrook's new wife, Channel Seabrook, 19, and beating her with a stick. The attack was the continuation of a dispute that began earlier that day when Anita Jackson and Channel Seabrook argued about David Seabrook.

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