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CCW-permittee businessman shoots two robbers

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"Businessman kills gunman during Pines robbery; 2nd suspect caught"
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
March 4 2002

PEMBROKE PINES, FLORIDA -- A man died of a gunshot wound early Monday after he got involved in a gunfight with the businessman he was trying to rob, police said. A second robbery suspect was arrested in the day and charged with murder in the case.

Here's what Capt. Keith Palant, police spokesman, said happened shortly after midnight outside the Discount Auto Parts store on the 300 block of North University Drive.

Corey Dacres, 23, exited the outlet and began locking up. He was confronted by two men who had been hiding on the north side of the building. One of those men produced a .380-caliber Walther semiautomatic pistol and pointed it at Dacres, who, in turn, pulled his own pistol, a .40 caliber Beretta semiautomatic, and began firing.

Several shots were fired by each man with the robbery suspect struck at least one time in the right upper thigh. Dacres, who has a concealed weapons permit, sustained no injury.

Dacres fled on foot south on University Drive and found police assistance at a nearby Red Lobster restaurant.

The suspect, meanwhile, fled east behind the DAP store and into the Pembroke Village apartment complex. He was found there behind Building 1, at 7911 NW Third St., mortally wounded. He still had his gun.

The suspect, identified 33-year-old Scott Williams of Opa-locka, was treated at the scene by Pembroke Pines Fire/Rescue. He died while being taken to Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood.

Monday afternoon police announced they had arrested a second suspect in the robbery case after Peter Gardner, 23, also of Opa-locka, was treated at Parkway Regional Hospital in Miami-Dade County for a gunshot wound to his right calf. He was charged with murder in the death of his alleged accomplice even though he says he was unarmed at the time of the shooting.

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