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Man holds alleged thief at gunpoint

Originally ran in the Rome News-Tribune as:
"Man holds alleged thief at gunpoint"
by Chris Fincher, Staff Writer
From the Rome News-Tribune
March 20, 2002

ROME, GEORGIA -- A Floyd County, [Georgia] man who said his business had been burglarized too many times caught a man at his business and then held him at gunpoint until police arrived, authorities said.

Jamie Cole, 27, of Cedar Bluff, Alabama, remained in the Floyd County Jail Tuesday night pending $ 8,850 bail on numerous felony charges.

Randall Clifton, operator of S & W Builders, told Floyd County police officer Sabrina Hall that his 8353 Alabama Highway business had been broken into several times.

According to the report submitted by officer Hall: Clifton lay in a field outside his business for about an hour before Cole drove up in a 1988 Ford Crown Victoria late Monday night.

The business owner watched as the suspect waited for traffic on the highway to pass before he stepped from his car and walked to the side of the building carrying a tire iron.

At that point Clifton tried to activate his business's silent alarm but mistakenly hit the audible alarm.

Cole started to run away but Cifton chased him down with a rifle and told him to lie down until police arrived.

When officers Hall and Spencer Warren arrived, they found Cole on the ground with Clifton standing over him. Cole was taken to jail after being treated at a Rome hospital for ant bites. Cole told police when he was captured he lay down in a bed of fire ants.

A subsequent search of Cole's car turned up a pair of bolt cutters and knives as well as a bottle of assorted prescription pills, rolling papers, a pipe for smoking marijuana, and a pen barrel filled with suspected amphetamine.

Officers later learned that Cole also was wanted for failing to appear in Floyd Superior Court and his [driver's] license had been suspended.

He is now facing charges of criminal attempt of burglary, possession of tools for the commission of a crime, possession of drug-related objects, failure to keep drugs in their original container, driving with a suspended license, failure to appear, prowling, and violation of the state Controlled Substance Act.

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