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Man shoots, kills intruder while second suspect flees

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"Man shoots, kills intruder while second suspect flees"
by Benjamin Niolet, Staff Writer
The Birmingham News
March 28, 2002

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA -- A West End man shot and killed a man invading his home Thursday night, police said.

Officers came to a shooting at a duplex in the 1900 block of Francis Avenue about 7 p.m. They found the homeowner with a bleeding head wound and another man hit with a shotgun blast. That man later died at Baptist Medical Center Princeton.

The dead man's name was unavailable Thursday night.

The homeowner and witnesses told police that two armed men pulled up to the house and charged inside, said Sgt. Daniel Carr. One struck the homeowner with a shovel or similar implement, Carr said. The homeowner opened fire with his shotgun and the second man fled.

Police later caught a man they believe was involved in the incident, Carr said.

Police investigators had marked at least six shell casings in the street in front of the duplex.

The homeowner sat on a curb, a gauze pad on his head and blood streaming down his face. He was taken to Baptist Medical Center Princeton. He was in satisfactory condition Thursday night.

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