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VP Hopeful Pataki Attacks Gun Owners

VP Hopeful Pataki Attacks Gun Owners

This is an alert from Shooters Committee On Political Education the oldest sportsmenís political committee in the nation. I am a past member.

Weldon Clark

Sender: Paul Gallant/NY <>

Shooters Committee On Political Education Alert


Derail New York Governor Pataki

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to you on behalf of the members of the Shooters Committee On Political Education (SCOPE), a New York statewide Second Amendment advocacy group.

As you may have noticed in recent gun issues news, our governor, Republican George Pataki recently vetoed a bill called "Firearms Accident Prevention Program Act" the so-called Eddie Eagle bill.

Editor. This is the award winning (by the National Safety Council) child gun safety program from NRA.

This bill was passed with overwhelming bipartisan support in both houses of our state legislature this past summer. The bill would have authorized an Eddie Eagle style gun safety program for schools, and youth programs throughout New York State. Due to a quirk in our state laws the bill was held in the Assembly until just before Christmas to be sent to the governor for his signature.

Under heavy pressure from New York City liberals, Gov. Pataki demanded that all references to Eddie Eagle and the Eddie Eagle language of "Stop! Donít Touch! Leave the Area! Tell and Adult!" be removed or he would veto the bill. Obviously, these changes would have gutted the bill making it a worthless piece of paper and due to Democrat control and arm-twisting the bill would never have made it out of the Assembly again.

Despite an intense effort by New Yorks gun owners, Gov. Pataki bowed to the New York City liberal establishment and vetoed Eddie Eagle. We believe that Gov. Pataki did this to curry favor with liberal down state voters so that he could bring New Yorks electoral votes to a Republican ticket as its vice-presidential nominee.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Gov. Pataki has undermined gun owners and the Second Amendment. Here's the Pataki record:

March 28, 1997, A Gannett News Service story by Jay Gallagher, reported Gov. Pataki said, "I would like to see an assault weapons bill passed." Fortunately, to date the New York State Senate has refused to honor the governor's wishes. Also, in 1997, Gov. Pataki signed legislation creating renewable pistol licenses in specific counties where licenses were previously issued for a lifetime, and not subject to renewal. That same legislation also required the pistol license applicant to pass a mandated safety/proficiency course. Again in 1997, the governor signed an Executive Order that required that all state owned surplus firearms be destroyed, rather than sold to licensed Federal Firearms dealers. An obvious demonization of firearms, and an implication that guns are evil. Early in 1999, Gov. Pataki signed another Executive Order, requiring that private firearm transactions at gun shows on state owned property include a Brady background check. August 1997, the leadership of the Shooters Committee On Political Education (SCOPE) attempted to schedule a meeting with the governor to discuss issues concerning gun owners. The governor's office responded, "due to time restrictions, it is not possible for him to add this commitment to his schedule." What was more important than talking to New York gun owners? Well, the September 22, 1997, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reported that the New York governor was busy giving speeches at $15,000 a pop to groups in San Diego, California. All this from a governor who claims to be a friend of gun owners.

Sources close to Gov. Pataki say he has a keen interest in the Vice President's slot on the Republican ticket. We are asking you, our fellow activist, to write, fax and email Gov. Pataki telling him that you know his record and you will not forget it. Also, we ask that you write to the various Republican presidential candidates telling them that you cannot support any ticket that might include George Pataki.

We understand that many of you, even without George Pataki may have some misgivings about some of the Republican presidential candidates. Suitably, this will also provide an opportunity to test the presidential candidates on their loyalty to gun owners.

Let us show our strength. Please contact Gov. Pataki and the Republican candidates for president today. Listed below is the contact information for Gov. Pataki and the front running Republican candidates for president.

We encourage you to copy, distribute and rebroadcast this alert as widely as possible!

Thank you for your support.

Timothy Andrews, President SCOPE, Inc. P.O. Box 26347 Rochester, NY 14626 (716) 720-9248