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NYC's Gunstapo Raises Bounty on Handgun Owners' Heads to $1000

NYC's Gunstapo Raises Bounty on Handgun Owners' Heads to $1000

by Angel Shamaya

April 17, 2002 -- In February and March of 2001, we reported that New York City's police department was offering a $500 reward to people who'd turn in their neighbors for the "crime" of possessing a handgun -- and behaving like criminals to get "the job" done. Previous reports:

The bounty has now been raised to $1000. Clicking on the NYPD home page will show you the following banner advertisement for their thuggish program:

$1000 Reward for
 information that leads to the arrest of anyone who has an illegal handgun.
 Call 1-866-GUNSTOP or 1-866-7867

I called the number advertised by "New York's Finest," and spoke to a Detective Selner -- today. You may find interest in our conversation.

Angel Shamaya:  Yes, I'm calling about your $1000 reward program for turning in people that have illegal handguns.

Detective Selner:  Yeah.

AS:  I have a question. How does someone -- if they have a handgun and they want to carry it for self-defense -- what process do they go through to be able to do that?

DS:  You go get a license, sir.

AS:  How long does that usually take?

DS:  It depends on your record and everything like that. If you own a business, it's easy to get one. You just gotta go down to City Hall and apply for it.

AS:  What if you don't own a business?

DS: Go apply for it and you can get a target practice license.

AS:  What about to carry it for when a guy attacks you?

DS:  To be honest with you, I don't know the stipulations right now. You can call City Hall or go down to it and they can fill you in on that.

AS:  What's your name?

DS:  My name is Detective Sellner. S-E-L-N-E-R.

AS:  Detective Selner, is there any provision where someone can carry without getting permission to defend their lives?

DS:   Hold on one second.  [He set the phone down for nearly two full minutes -- on a toll-free number paid for by The People -- and talked to someone in the background.]

AS:  If people carry without having a license but have no criminal intent at all, what happens if a police officer catches them?

DS:  You got to jail.

AS:  Is it a felony?

DS:  Sure!

AS:  What about the right of the people to keep and bear arms? Does that not exist in New York?

DS:  Not here! Where are you from? (snickering)

AS:  I grew up in the South where people are allowed to protect themselves.

DS:  (laughing) Go to Florida if you want to carry a gun. You can still carry in Florida. Not here, sir. (more chuckling)

AS:  But in New York City, unless you get permission from the government, you're going to jail with a felony?

DS:  Yes.

AS:  Does that include jail time?

DS:  Uh, it depends on your record. I don't know, I'm not the uh, the judge, you know, I don't know exactly what the, uh, story is now, but I'm sure that you probably will.

AS:  In your experience as a Detective, what's the typical fine for someone who is caught carrying without a license?

DS:  Uh, I have no idea, sir, to be honest with you.  What happens is we just usually arrest them and then things, you know, it depends on your record. Sometimes you could get probation, you know, they are being a little stiffer now, so I'm sure you would do a year or two.

After the September 11, 2001 devastation in New York City, there was a brief lull in murders and various other violent crimes, followed by a marked increase. (See "Shootings Soar Since Jan. 1" by Michelle McPhee of New York Daily News for the latest example, knowing many other such reports have been published.)  Instead of relaxing the access to self-defense so lawful, decent people could defend their own precious lives and property, the police department uses taxpayer dollars to increase violations of the human and civil right to self-defense.

New York legislators and police officers are not immune from their oaths of office. If you live, work in or visit The Big Rotten Apple, read the New York Oath of Office page in our oaths archives and explore the following sections:

  • New York Bill of Rights, Section 6 -- Right to Life and Liberty
  • New York Constitution, Article XIII - Section 1 - Public Officers - Oath
  • New York Constitution (link)
  • United States Right to Keep And Bear Arms
  • U.S. Constitution Comes Before Statutes, Edicts, Ordinances, Rules or Regulations
  • The Civil Rights Act (every violator of rights is liable)
  • Public Law 96-303, Code of Ethics for Government Service

How many times have you called the above toll-free number? 1-866-GUN-STOP (1-866-486-7867)  After you've called it, perhaps additional contact is in order.

Police Commissioner
Raymond W. Kelly

Previous reports mentioned above also offer additional contact information for various public servants in New York City and State.