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Teen kills would-be rapist

Originally ran here as:
"Teen kills would-be rapist"
by Dumisane Lubisi & Riot Hlatswayo
March 26, 2002

Bushbuckridge, South Africa -- A Mpumalanga teenager is receiving counselling after she wrestled a gun from her would-be rapist and shot him dead on Tuesday morning.

The alleged attacker, a local primary school teacher, was reportedly undressing when the terrified 16-year-old grabbed his pistol and shot him twice in the chest.

The man is reported to have abducted the teenager while she was walking from her home in Ladglow village in Bushbuckridge at about 05:00.

The girl tried to run away, but the teacher fired a shot into the air to scare her, said Lowveld area police spokesperson Captain Moatshe Ngoepe.

He grabbed the girl and dragged her to the bushes where he laid his jacket on the ground and forced her to undress at gunpoint, Ngoepe said.

"She was already naked when he placed his firearm on the ground and started undressing himself to rape her," Ngoepe explained.

The teacher barely had his trousers to his knees when the girl leapt for the gun and shot him twice in the chest.

The traumatised naked teenager ran to the Thulamahashe police station and reported the incident.

Police drove with the girl to the scene where her attacker's body was found.She was taken to a place of safety for counselling. The police investigation is continuing.

African Eye News Service

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