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"bruises, black eyes, cuts, swelling or chipped teeth"  by Angel Shamaya

"bruises, black eyes, cuts, swelling or chipped teeth"

Guns on College Campus?

by Angel Shamaya

August 8, 2002

Reprint permission freely granted
Feel free to submit to any news outlet that defies self-defense on campus -- The anti-self-defense fanatics are in full swing on college campuses around the country. The Boston Globe recently aired a current guns-on-campus battle in Utah, and Arizona State University in Tempe has a group of college children vilifying self-defense there, too. Numerous other campus do-gooders are working to eliminate the basic human right of self-defense around the country.

Do any of these gun-phobes know that "about 3 percent of college women experience a completed and/or attempted rape during a typical college year"? That statement comes from an official press release regarding a report entitled "Sexual Victimization of College Women", produced by the National Institute of Justice and the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

It also states "About one in five rape and attempted rape incidents of college women results in additional injury, most often 'bruises, black eyes, cuts, swelling or chipped teeth'." That can sure change a woman's outlook on her studies. And lots of college women are having their outlooks so changed, too. According to the authors of the above-mentioned report, "the women at a college that has 10,000 female students could experience more than 350 rapes a year."

Yet the anti-gun college campus frenzy has reached a new trough of politically correct depravity: a college professor was recently forced to remove an antique firearm from his office wall. The outdated rifle was given to him as a gift and had been collecting dust above his desk for over a decade -- but it made someone "uncomfortable." Perhaps not as uncomfortable as bruises, black eyes, cuts, swelling or chipped teeth, but enough to force the removal of the unloaded assault musket, nonetheless.

The NIJ/BJS report also states that "nearly 90 percent of the victims knew the offender." One wonders if the anti-self defense fanatics get any comfort from this. After all, if you don't suffer "bruises, black eyes, cuts, swelling or chipped teeth" like 20% of all sexually assaulted college women, what's the problem?

And just think about the terrible alternative: what if potential college rape victims were trained to effectively and efficiently use a handgun to prevent being raped? Why, somebody might get hurt!

Angel Shamaya is the Founder and Executive Director of -- a national gun rights organization whose philosophy purports that a woman's ability to defend herself against a rapist should not be denied by a college administrator.


Sexual Victimization of College Women
by Bonnie S. Fisher, Francis T. Cullen, and Michael G. Turner
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