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My Oath


by Nicki Fellenzer


January 2, 2003 -- Working with on a daily basis has opened my eyes to an unsavory and frightening truth: a society of cowardly, paranoid, petulant nitwits has taken over America.  Now, before I get excoriated for "hating America" or being an "unpatriotic antagonist," please allow me to explain.


I love this country.  It is my adopted homeland, my ideal and my salvation.  I have always held America dear as truly "the land of the free and the home of the brave."  My idealized image of America included brave patriots standing up to tyrannical rule and winning an independent land, daring soldiers protecting the nation and brave innovators who had the guts to create a government "of the people, by the people and for the people."  I saw America as the paradigm of courage, where every human being was brave enough to take responsibility for himself his family.  I put my country up on a pedestal for being the only nation in the world appropriate as a home to those who value freedom enough to fight for it. 


And now I look at the society of cowards residing in this country, and I doubt its worthiness of the great land our Founding Fathers envisioned.  What kind of society have we become?


This is a society that time after time elects politicians whose only goals are power over those who elected them.  And it is a society too scared not to cast a vote for the "lesser of the two evils" and too afraid of the changes such a vote might bring.


This is a society that bans "assault" weapons simply due to the cosmetic changes such weapons possess, because some people are too scared of a bayonet lug.


This is a society in which panicked citizens call the police because a water meter reader's wand resembles a firearm.


This is a society that criminalizes BB guns and toy guns while giving the authorities more real firepower to infringe upon individual liberties.


This is a society which is so scared and beaten, it allows airport screeners to grope and humiliate pregnant women and lets them force women into drinking her own breast milk and confiscate GI Joe dolls with tiny replica guns for fear that an evil terrorist will hijack a plane with a two-inch “rifle”.


This is a society that invents "gun-free" schools and "gun-free" public buildings as a vacuous panacea for an alleged "gun epidemic" shoved down its collective gullet by cowardly Moronic Mommies and the power-hungry band of buffoons at the Brady Center that holds their leashes and the leashes of pusillanimous politicians whose only purpose in their miserable, pathetic lives is to rule and wield power over others.


This is a society that sits idly by while its elected officials pass odious legislation which has every capability of turning this country into an Orwellian nightmare and then is too scared to open its mouth in dissent for fear of being tracked, prosecuted or branded as "unpatriotic" or "supportive of terrorists."


What is this society in which we live?  Are the sniveling cowards who live in this nation deserving of the bounty and freedom this country offers?  Are the sheep who are more than willing to give up personal responsibility to the nanny government, who are too scared to rely on common sense and would much rather depend on the state for their welfare and safety worthy of the idyllic land our Founding Fathers fought for?


They've taken over our schools, teaching children revisionism and relativism, while complacently watching them graduate with little more than a basic reading and mathematics ability. 


They've taken over our government, sitting on their couches in a catatonic, potato-chip eating stupor, swallowing whole what the mainstream media and the power-hungry politicians feed them.


They've taken over the legal system, manipulating and cajoling juries with the collective intelligence of kumquats into making them rich as a reward for their weakness, stupidity or incompetence.


And we - who treasure this country for the ideal, moral nation it was created to be - are now condemned as "extremists."  We have become pariahs in our own communities for deigning to treasure the Constitution.  We're reviled as radicals and feared by these gutless, indolent morons as common delinquents.  And for daring to respect the Law of the Land, we're compared to criminals.


This is not the country I envisioned when I came here as a child in the 1980's.  I certainly couldn't have imagined that a horde of over-indulged, under-educated, self-righteous socialists would hijack this nation and attempt to enslave the rest of us.  And yet, that's exactly what's happening.  It's happening while many gun owners dismiss the paranoid blathering of socialist windbags as so much inconsequential panic mongering.  It's happening while numerous gun rights supporters turn a blind eye to insolent names like "extremist," "radical" and "gun nut," writing them off as nothing but the childish chirping of the powerless and weak.  And it's happening while countless law-abiding gun owners rely on the NRA to protect their inalienable rights, instead of standing up and fighting the blatant trampling of their freedoms.


Enough is enough!


Right here - right now, I make this promise to you: I will do everything in my power to ensure the true meaning of the Constitution doesn't become mired in propaganda, misinformation and lies. 


I promise to write, phone, speak, educate and elucidate every chance I get, so that Americans never forget the extraordinary gift left to them by their Founding Fathers. 


I swear I will not be complacent in ensuring my children learn the truth, learn to question, learn to recognize lies and not to be afraid to confront them head on - proud of who they are brave enough to stand up to those who would attempt to make them slaves "for the common good."


I will not allow vile lies to remain undisputed, and I will not allow vicious, condescending, ignorant epithets about those who treasure the Constitution and basic human rights to become part of the average American's lexicon.


And most important of all, I will never give up – I will press on, plant my feet and dig in my heels.  The campaign for our civil rights won't be easy.  Some battles will undoubtedly be lost, and there will be times when I emerge bloodied, battered and bruised, but never beaten.  Because if anything is worth fighting for, it's America, and I'm proud to take this oath for the ideal that is my country.