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Definition of Clinton
Definition of Clinton

by Stand Watch Listen (Free Republic Bulletin Board)

clin-ton (clint' n) [after Bill Clinton, late 20th century U.S. president whose administration is remembered primarily for impeachment, corruption and scandals]

--vt. 1. To grope a person of the opposite gender in an unwelcome, unwanted manner …*He tried to clinton the man's wife* 2. To communicate in a manner which clouds the truth by omitting essential information, or by playing with the meaning of words, or by other such deceptive means …*He clintoned his answer so much that nobody understood it* 3. To shamelessly promote a falsehood as the truth…*"Ken Starr - out of control," clintoned the media or President Bush's Economy was the worst in the last 50 years was largely clintoned by the mainstream press *--- 4. To foster divisiveness among races, creeds, genders, generations, classes, occupations, political parties…*Clintonized, the warring factions were not willing to enter peace talks*

vi. To act in a boorish manner while self- righteously maintaining the appearance of dignity …*He continued to clinton while the polls held up*

--n. 1. Any lewd advance towards a person of the opposite gender, usually involving touching …*The boss did a clinton on his defenseless secretary* 2. Any instance of speech or conduct involving calculated deception …*The press conference on Kosovo was a real clinton* 3. A virus enduring all immune-system countermeasures of rejection …*Clintonitis is like a case of a sexually transmitted disease that just won't go away. The full extent of the pernicious aliment politicus Clintonitis, long unmentionable in mixed company, has intruded in full disgusting conspicuousness upon the national consciousness. *
--adj. Characterized by sleaziness or deceptiveness, lacking moral guidance …*It was a classic clintonian response* or *America's downfall was due to the clintonization of society*

See also: Arkancide, Arkcident, "better put some ice on that", bureaucratic snafus, bimbos, Chinese Wars, cigar tricks, Clinton fatigue, Clintonspeak, Constitutional Crisis, demonization of opponents, DiCaprio interviews, draft dodging, Dreamworks' scandals, Elian seizure, drugging, deportation, e-mails (100,000-zip disks), equivocate, enablers & apologists, Executive Orders, Federal Land Grabs, foreign boondoggle trips (Africa >$55 MIL, China >$78MIL. India >$58MIL), 'getting a Lewinsky', gun confiscation, Illegal (Campaign Funds, FBI files, travel office), impeachment, indefensible, 'is' is, Leavenworth, lies, martial law, missile technology transfers, mother/grandmother conflicts, NATO aggression (Clinton's Wars), obfuscate, obstruction of justice, oral sex, Oval Office pantry, Oval Office sink, perjury, 'plunge' protection team, presidential kneepads, prevaricate, scumbag, secret police, Soviet Union resurrection, spin, stonewall, treason, UN Sovereignty Rebellion, 'Wag-the-Dog (Monica bombs, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, Pakistan, Serbia, Sudan), Waco, WhiteWater, women (Jennifer, Christine, Dolly, Elinor, Juanita, Linda, Monica, Paula, Susan, Sharon, etcetera...etcetera...etcetera...). 

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